Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato, Portoro, Bianco Carrara, Rosso Verona, Giallo Siena, Travertino, Verdesmeraldo, Eminentia e Bugia.

Marbles with very different declinations due to their morphological structure and their characteristics of visual perception that are associated with architecture, sculpture and the world of luxury in general: on the one hand it manages to conquer those who want the new perfume of high level, on the other hand those who want to bring with them a small piece of that marble that the ancient Romans already loved with its purity and beauty.
The product we are presenting contains evocative fragrances with refined packaging, elegant glass bottles, crowned by caps made of the same marble that inspires the essences, anticipating the sensations and exalting the charisma. True icons of luxury The perfumes of marble thus combine tradition and research, sumptuousness and purity, for a clientele who loves luxury and beauty. Trademarks and designs registered