Solid Scent

The solid perfume of i Profumi del Marmo contains pure white marble powder. It is enclosed in a precious glass package with a cap decorated with a gold-colored coin minted by the ancient mint of Lucca and by the Tuscan coin college.
Pinocchio solid perfume: to create the Zecchini di Pinocchio we were inspired by the fable written by Carlo Collodi which made and continues to make entire generations of adults and children fall in love with it. “The puppeteer Mangiafuoco gave five gold sequins to Pinocchio: he should have handed them over to his poor father Geppetto. Pinocchio, however, let himself be duped by the Cat and the Fox: he sowed them in the hope of seeing a tree full of gold coins sprout".
Rosso Verona solid perfume: enclosed in a precious box, it is crowned by a gold-colored coin on which the famous balcony from which Giuletta looked out is engraved. A fragrance dedicated to marble and to the mythical city of Romeo and Juliet. Sweet and gourmand notes meet with fresh and balsamic aromas, unleashing the unrepeatable passion of the first kiss. The eternity of feeling is the promise at the full moon of the last strong woody accords: a sensual and provocative fragrance.