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The only room fragrance made with authentic Carrara marble that emits delicate fragrances and unique emotions.
You just need to place the stones on a tray, a bowl, a dish or a vase, to decorate and perfume every space of your home with a touch of originality.
Place “Sassi di Marmo” inside a drawer or a closet, put them in your car, and everything will be accompanied by a delicate scent.
With just a couple of sprays of the fragrance provided, the essence of your stones will be renewed for a long time.
“Sassi di Marmo” are unique pieces, all different, to guarantee the product’s natural origin.
Authentic and guaranteed Carrara marble.

Available in the fragrances: Arabescato®, Calacatta®, Bianco Carrara®, Portoro®, Fantastico®, Bardiglio®, Statuario®

profumi del marmo ambiente sassi profumati
profumi del marmo sassi profumati

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