Solid Scent Zecchini di Pinocchio

The soul of the Apuan “White Gold” becomes the quintessence of a magical transformation into a solid perfume that manages to bring to life the emotions and sensuality of marble. A balm full of mystery, a touch on the skin and the unmistakable fragrance of i Profumi del Marmo that will give the idea of touching a statue of ethereal and timeless beauty like the marble of which it is composed.

The solid perfume of I profumi del Marmo is a talisman to be carried with you at all times. A refined jewel enclosed in a box with a coin minted by theAntica Zecca di Lucca and the Collegio dei Monetieri Toscano seal of this precious elixir.

Fragrance: Arabescato Personalization of the seal on demand



Product Description