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i Profumi del Marmo® diffusers are small works of art available in different sizes with their distinctive marble caps.

Each scent blends in with the style of each room at home, at work or in your shop, effusing a delicate and long lasting fragrance. The perfume is diffused thanks to the reeds that, immersed in the liquid, absorb it and release it constantly.

The diffusers can be made, on request, with Calacatta®, Statuario®, Arabescato®, Bianco Carrara® or Portoro® marble in various sizes: 100 ml – 250 ml – 500 ml – 1000 ml – 2500 ml. The available scents can be placed indistinctly inside the diffusers regardless of the cap.

Available essences: Calacatta®, Statuario®, Arabescato®

Available marbles: Calacatta, Statuario, Arabescato, Bianco Carrara, Portoro


profumi del marmo ambiente portoro


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